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WOW...omg i srsly can't wait to try this! hopefully is BIG hahaha =D
Pesto Shrimp Flatbread Sep 24 @ 2:00 PM
THIS was def. worth it! soo exquisite i just LOVED the different textures and flavors. would love to go for it again!! <3
Mariscos al Vapor Aug 22 @ 3:00 PM
wow this was actually way better than i expected. very rich and strong but smooth flavours, i loved it
Choros al Vapor Aug 22 @ 2:58 PM
MMmmm...very Fresh and Exquisite!
Vanilla Gelato Aug 22 @ 2:43 PM
MMMmmm this was great! lots of flavor and texture, delicious!! =P loved it to the max.
Knoko Cheese Bibimbap Aug 22 @ 2:39 PM
OH lord this was EXQUISITE! <3 thank you for doing this =D
Kabocha Korokke Aug 22 @ 2:36 PM © 2010

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