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Looking at this makes me hungry :) I usually don't eat anything that's too creamy, but this looks just right. I'm gonna give this a try. @ Linguine Con Pollo
Kinh Sep 11 @ 10:05 PM

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These octopus balls are so delicious. You wouldn't think so but this place makes the best one (in my opinion). The other place that's just as good was a small shop I ate at in Hong Kong.
Tacoyaki Dec 20 @ 7:15 PM
this dish looks very appetizing. but i don't know if i'd try it, i could get something very similar at another place for like half the price.
Bulgogi Bibimbap Dec 09 @ 7:41 PM
I tried this last week after seeing it on here and i love it. it was meaty and savory. definitely a dish to be shared.
Braised Beef Short Ribs Dec 05 @ 5:30 PM
A definite seafood lover's pasta. Everything was cooked just right - moist. Tomato sauce was the right amount and had a hint of spiciness to it, not too overpowering.
Pappardelle Di Mare Sep 11 @ 9:09 PM
This dish was tasty. Sauce wasn't too creamy and saucy. I always love sundried tomatoes. The portion of red and yellow peppers was little, they should add a tad bit more of a crunch. Overall, portion was good, I wasn't able to finish mine.
Linguine Con Pollo Sep 11 @ 8:57 PM © 2010

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