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Smoked Salmon Pizza

Smoked Norwegian salmon, sweet red onion, basil pesto cream sauce, mozzarella, capers and topped with our dill sour cream sauce.
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BBQ Pollo

Grilled BBQ chicken with our tomato sauce, seasoned mozzarella and our formaggio cheese blend, topped with sweet red onion, roasted peppers and drizzled with BBQ sauce.
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Fragola Salad

Fresh cut strawberries and our brown sugar glazed candy pecans topped over mixed greens with crumbled goat cheese and cherry tomatoes lightly drizzled with our creamy poppy seed dressing. Try it with seasoned grilled chicken $4
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Cajun Pollo Penne

Seasoned grilled cajun chicken, pan-seared with bruschetta tomatoes, field mushrooms and greens onions tossed in our chardonnay basil pesto formaggio blend spicy cream sauce.
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Cajun Calamari

Seasoned marinated calamari, lightly dusted, fried and served with our lemon roasted garlic aioli and franks hot sauce for dipping.
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