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PREMIUM DOMESTIC Pint $6.85 ½ Pint (13 oz) $4.43 Creemore Springs Lager Denison’s Weissbier McAuslin Cream Ale Mill St. Cobblestone Stout Mill St. Tankhouse Ale Moosehead Lager St. Ambroise Apricot Wheat Ale Steam Whistle Pilsner Wellington Special Pale Ale Guest Tap - ask your server for details PREMIUM IMPORTED Pint $7.52 1 ½ Pint (13 oz) $5.53 Caledonia 80 Shilling Magner’s Irish Cider Stella Artois Pilsner Urquel BOTTLES Domestic - $5.30 Imported - $6.19
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Maple Garlic Glazed Chicken

Cast iron roasted half chicken with chilled quinoa & caramelized fennel pilaf
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Flat Iron Steak Salad

5oz flat iron steak, field mushrooms, brie & baby spinach with a raspberry green peppercorn vinaigrette
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Macaroni & Cheese

Au Gratin cheddar, swiss, gruyere & parmesan with side green salad
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Creme Brule

Dessert of the day
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Chili Lime Crusted Shrimp

Sauteed shrimp citrus bean & tomato salad, avocado puree & white corn tortilla hay
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Chocolate Martini

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The Burger

Ontario black angus beef with red onion, lettuce, pickle and sliced tomato optional toppings $2/ea aged cheddar gruyere stilton triple-cream brie double-smoked bacon optional toppings $1/ea caramelized onions pickled hot peppers roasted garlic field mushrooms
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BC Oysters

Fresh oysters on the half shell & white freshly grated horseradish and lemon (Market priced)
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