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mmm I love cherry coke since i was little. i must try this out. thx @ Super Stoked Vodka Coke with Cherry (2oz)
Lola Dec 12 @ 4:12 PM

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@jubjub, i was just going to ask that! lol I have no clue why this person uploaded this picture...looks like an advertisement when phenu is for food dishes of restaurants
Crassostrea Virginica Feb 02 @ 8:16 PM
wow so many oysters! i tried rodney's a few months ago at the wine event and it was so yummy. i hope their oysters in the restaurants are just as fresh.
The Oyster Boat from Toronto Taste Feb 02 @ 8:14 PM
One of the best tom yum soup i've had in the city -- the seasoning and broth is just spot on
Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup Jan 23 @ 7:04 PM
@Tom P -- I definitely agree, I don't think they use ketchup.
Phud Thai Jan 23 @ 7:03 PM
This is a must get at this restaurant...the meat is tender and the wrap is delicious.
Jerk Chicken Wrap Jan 23 @ 6:59 PM
I've tried this at this restaurant...superb! The steak was perfectly cut and tender, the shrimp and lobster were moist.
Surf and Turf Jan 23 @ 6:55 PM
I had this a while back and it's the best invention ever. No mess pizza. It looks small but it is quite big and delicious.
Hawaiian Zazzu (Pizza Cone) Dec 13 @ 6:22 PM
I love the spring rolls here. Perfectly deep fried and seasoned. They're served very hot so don't burn your lips!
Crispy Spring Rolls (3 pcs) Dec 12 @ 2:00 PM
The drink was pretty good. The cherry flavour did not overpower the drink like most cherry base cocktails do and end up tasting like cough syrup.
Super Stoked Vodka Coke with Cherry (2oz) Dec 12 @ 1:08 PM
Smirnoff vanilla or black cherry vodka, Coke, citrus slush. FRIDAYS Special is $6.99.
Super Stoked Vodka Coke with Cherry (2oz) Dec 12 @ 1:04 PM © 2010

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