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I've tried this before, twice actually. The first time was delicious and the consistency was soft and moist; the second time wasn't so great as I remembered it to be, it was a tad firmer and less "bouncy" for lack of a better word. Nonetheless, it is overall a great alternative to the traditionally thick cheesecake. @ Tofu Cheesecake
kevapple Dec 06 @ 5:43 PM
This cheese cake is light and soft like Reese except healthier. For those who are health conscious and doesn't like sweet, this is a better alternative than regular cheese cake. I've bought the whole cake once, it was good. @ Tofu Cheesecake
Kinh Dec 05 @ 10:31 PM

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My Recent Reviews and Comments
I love st louis' wings. On tuesdays they are half priced!
St. Louis Wings Feb 27 @ 7:30 PM
That's the coolest looking kebob ever! Looks too good to eat almost
Chicken Kebab Feb 27 @ 7:30 PM
Oh wow I've never heard of an ice cream donut! that looks so yummy! I wonder how many calories this is
Uncle Betty's Famous Donut Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 27 @ 7:29 PM
The avocado looks so good.. very ripe and green!
Ultimate Nachos Feb 27 @ 7:28 PM
Very cute! I wonder if it tastes as good as it looks.
White Christmas Roll Jan 19 @ 7:29 PM
wow this looks so good. done medium.. just how i like it!
Whole Roasted Australian Rack of Lamb Jan 19 @ 7:11 PM
What is this? a fish? looks good, just wish there was more info.
Buratta Jan 19 @ 7:02 PM
Hmm.. is this a salad then? I can't really see the arugula. It looks appetizing nonetheless
Carpaccio Con Arugula Jan 19 @ 7:01 PM
All you can eat hotpot is the best. I love the coconut soup here; not too spicy and very velvety and delicious.
Thai Coconut Chicken & 1000 Year Old Egg with Parsley Jan 17 @ 6:13 PM
This is by far the best chocolate muffin I've ever had. Its rich yet the taste is not too sweet or overpowering.
Chocolate Muffin  Jan 17 @ 6:08 PM
Really yummy and thick. I forgot the price but its more expensive than timmy's for sure. But definitely worth it.
Iced Cappuccino  Jan 17 @ 6:06 PM
wow that looks good but for $39? eeek.. someone tell me if its worth it?
Jumbo Prawn Shrimp Dec 21 @ 7:51 PM
i've never had soybean paper before.. looks really good
Spicy Tuna Hand Roll Dec 21 @ 7:49 PM
This definitely looks like something worth trying!
Salmon Tower Dec 21 @ 7:45 PM
I got the large size and added grass jelly. This drink is very rich and creamy. I can really taste the vanilla but its a bit too sweet. I think next time I'll get less sugar since thats an option.
Vanilla Milk Tea with Grass Jelly Dec 12 @ 6:15 PM
This milk tea is very light and not as heavy as the regular milk tea. I love this with grass jelly!
TieGuanyin Tea Latte Dec 12 @ 6:08 PM
This is literally just milk with grass jelly. Not worth it. But I give it two stars for their delicious and light grass jelly.
Grass Jelly with Fresh Milk Dec 12 @ 6:07 PM
This drink is really refreshing and light tasting. If you're trying to stay clear of those heavier milky drinks go for this mango juice, its great on a warm days.
QQ Taiwan Mango Juice Dec 12 @ 6:06 PM
mmm I love cherry coke since i was little. i must try this out. thx
Super Stoked Vodka Coke with Cherry (2oz) Dec 12 @ 4:12 PM
I saw this on the menu and was hesitant to try it but that looks really cool!
Sweet Shrimp Sashimi Dec 05 @ 6:12 PM
This is by far the most delicious flavour of cheesecake that I have ever eaten. The cheesecake is smooth and melts in your mouth. After each bit, I wanted more! The tofu gave the cheesecake a much lighter taste and toned down the cheesiness. The thin layer of graham cracker crust provided a little extra sweetness and complimented the rest of the cake well. As you can see the cake is decorated impeccably like everything else at sushi queen. This is a definite must try folks!
Tofu Cheesecake Dec 05 @ 6:08 PM
This pad thai looks delicious and sounds very wholesome. I really must check out rawlicious! I think its time to eat healthier lol
Pad Thai Dec 05 @ 6:01 PM
grilled rare with bacon, red pepper relish, arugula, panko onion rings. The tuna melted in your mouth and the relish gave the sandwich a nice twist. I definitely recommend this one. I opted for a salad instead of the fries.
Ahi Tuna Club Dec 05 @ 5:55 PM
is that guacamole? omg that must have tasted sooo good!
Origin Burger Sep 30 @ 4:22 PM
whoa.. this burger can feed a family lol nice shot!
Quadruple C Burger Sep 30 @ 4:20 PM
thats one cool drink! wow
Caramelized Sambuca Negroni Sep 04 @ 11:20 PM
The fish was light and flaky but a bit on the salty side. Wish they had a grilled fish option... that would be great!
Baja Fish Tacos Sep 04 @ 11:14 PM
Very tasty salmon. The best part was the mash potato inside the deep fried springroll.
Maple Salmon Aug 08 @ 1:37 PM
i love green dragon and that looks really good!
Green Dragon May 30 @ 5:24 PM
wow never knew deep fried brie could look so good!
Deep Fried Brie with Raspberry Sauce May 30 @ 5:23 PM
wow, this pic makes me hungry!
Fior di Latte with mushrooms and truffle oil May 30 @ 5:23 PM © 2010

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