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omg i didn't know ten ren's have these kind of food i will definitely try this next time I come here!
Alluring Jasmine Tofu Dec 16 @ 12:27 AM
loooks so pretty i want to try
Strawberry Banana Margarita Dec 08 @ 3:18 PM
sooo good i need to come back!
Grilled Beef Short Ribs Dec 08 @ 3:18 PM
this drinks look so good seen it somewhere before but need to try this
QQ Taiwan Mango Juice Dec 08 @ 3:15 PM
always get this here and its perfect light tasting
Chatime Pearl Milk Tea Dec 08 @ 3:14 PM
it's yummy but much smaller in real life
Sashimi Tuna Salad Dec 08 @ 3:13 PM
hmmmm tried this at gabby's it's a must try my fave is the prime rib slider...craving for it now
Slider Trio Dec 08 @ 2:09 PM
i looove menchies ....it tastes so much lighter compare to other frozen yogurt places and free self try samples
Menchies Dec 08 @ 2:07 PM
It was pretty good but too pricey... this place is cute but really narrow..
Rainbow Flame Dec 08 @ 2:05 PM
yummmm, my fave it's really good and cheap.
Pork Bone Soup Dec 08 @ 1:55 PM
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