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Bob Shooter

Tiger prawn tempura, lettuce, avocado, mango, cucumer, wasabi & golden tabiko, Japanese tartar sauce wrapped with sesame soy paper.
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Spicy Tuna Roll with Rock Shrimp

Spicy tuna paste, black sesame paste, hot garlic kewpie tossed rock shrimp tempura
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Panko-Crusted Chicken Breast

Served with three-mustard miso sauce and seasonal greens roasted miso-marinated black cod with sautéed seasonal greens.
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Angus Beef Tenderloin

Grilled 8oz angus beef tenderloin with gobo port wine reduction or red wine teriyaki reduction and yukon mash.
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One-Bite Wagyu Gyoza

Pan-seared dumpling stuffed with wagyu, black fungus, ginger and preserved spicy vegetable; served with balsamic basil dip.
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Truffle Albacore Roll

Spicy albacore tuna paste, tiger shrimp and avocado; topped with a garlic chip and truffle oil drizzle
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Wagyu Striploin Slices

Hot stone-seared wagyu striploin slices with sesame & ponzu dips.
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Shoyu-Mirin Glazed Mixed Mushrooms

Grill shoyu-mirin glazed mixed mushrooms (king, shitake, enkoi, maitake and shimeji)
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Rainbow Flame

Shrimp tempura, unagi, salmon, tuna, tobiko, lettuce, cucumber and avocado; served with tagarashi miso curry kewpie
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Tuna Taco

Diced tuna, negi, frizee, daikon sprout and japanese tartar; served in crispy wonton taco.
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Wok-tossed lotus root

with hot chili pepper, sesame oil
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2 . This restaurant looks plain jane and small on the outside but it is very fancy inside. I really like the food every time I go here -- consistent and delicious. I've only been to the Bay one.
kevapple  Feb 06 @ 4:25 PM
1 . I know Blowfish has two locations. Which one is better in terms of service and atmophere.. or are they relatively the same? Is the food consistent?
JubJub  Feb 02 @ 7:29 PM




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