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Paris Roll (6pcs) - Sushi Queen Izakaya

Paris Roll (6pcs) - Sushi Queen Izakaya
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Salmon, tuna, rice ball with lobster salad on top.

Submitted by: Mai (Phenu Staff)    Restaurant: Sushi Queen Izakaya

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1 . I want to try this so bad!!!
Lenna  Mar 18 @ 6:12 PM
2 . I think only Sushi Queen Izakaya has Paris Rolls. They look amazing, and tastes amazing too. If you can eat raw stuff, it's worth a try. It will melt in your mouth.

Personally, I've tried this. I love it but Godzilla Roll is still the best in Sushi Queen Izakaya.
Kinh (Phenu Staff)  Mar 21 @ 10:25 PM
3 . Mouthwatering.....HeeeeHeeee
HungryBear  Mar 24 @ 4:26 PM
4 . I haven't seen this anywhere else. It's a little hard to pick up, but with a little patience you will definitely be satisfied once in your mouth. It's good!
huongatude  Mar 24 @ 7:57 PM