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My Recent Reviews and Comments
i haven't had this combination before, but looks yummy. Pistachio and hazelnut is an awesome mix!
Dulce de leche & Pistacio Gelato (large size) Dec 16 @ 5:48 PM
@bettyboop, i agree! i can eat it with one hand and be worry free.
Hawaiian Zazzu (Pizza Cone) Dec 16 @ 5:46 PM
with rosemary, toasted fennel & fresh basil
spicy honey barbeque sauce, buttermilk dill coleslaw & fries half
fish & shrimp, white corn tortillas, guacamole & very Mexican hot sauce, no fries here
BAJA FISH TACOS  Aug 11 @ 8:44 PM
that's a really good price for that much mussels and looks mouthwatering
Cozze Marinara Jul 29 @ 5:52 PM
i need to try this at mirto!
Fettuccini Pescatore Jul 29 @ 5:52 PM
this looks sooo good! and looks like thin crust too (another thumbs up)
Gilda Jul 29 @ 5:50 PM
I've never had polish food, but this looks so good, will defin try cafe polonez!
Polish Style Sandwiches Jul 29 @ 5:39 PM
oh my, mouth watering! i love beef.
Paprikash Jul 29 @ 5:37 PM
the egg is fried to perfection!
Wiener Schnitzel Jul 29 @ 5:37 PM
i've this at a lot of places, but at guu, it is by far the best. melts in your mouth!
Takoyaki Jul 27 @ 2:24 PM
i will definitely try this!
Kabocha Korokke Jul 27 @ 2:21 PM
contrary to the name, "sake", this cake is a must try. i've had it here. mmmm
Sake Tiramisu Jul 27 @ 2:20 PM
this looks soooo good!
Buta Shabu Salad Jul 27 @ 2:19 PM
such a good price for that amount of mussels!
3/4 Lbs of Mussels Jul 19 @ 6:18 PM
so juicy mouth watery looking!
8oz Black Angus Beef Burger Jul 19 @ 6:15 PM
looks soo good! been to insomnia before but never tried their food, will try this next time i'm there
Capon Chicken Jul 19 @ 6:14 PM
wow, great shot!
Diva Martini Jul 19 @ 6:13 PM
i love tuna!
Tuna Taco Jul 18 @ 3:38 PM
looks mouth watering! mmm i want to try everything on here!
Spicy Tuna Roll with Rock Shrimp Jul 18 @ 3:36 PM
mmm never had soy paper...extremely clean way of eating a salad
Bob Shooter Jul 18 @ 3:35 PM
soup and ice cream?? unheard of but looks yummy enough to try
Blueberry, Strawberry & Rhubarb Soup Jul 18 @ 1:32 PM
wow, need to try this, looks so refreshing and delicious.
Watermelon Salad Jul 18 @ 1:30 PM
Never seen filet mignon looking like this, so unique!
Filet Mignon Carpaccio Jul 18 @ 1:29 PM
mmm I've had this here and once, and it was delicious :)
Pappardelle Jul 15 @ 2:00 PM
This picture looks a little odd - angle and focus wise, but I love baked fish with lemon and parsley, will definitely try this!
Pesce Del Giorno Jul 15 @ 1:58 PM
beautiful and delicious!
Ocean Tower Jul 08 @ 1:32 PM
these scallops were so savory and buttery, mmmm
Hotate Butter Jul 08 @ 1:30 PM
@moomoo, you have to try it! it melts in your mouth!
Kakimayo Jul 08 @ 1:29 PM
is that gold on the sushi?? different.
Chef's Selection (Sushi Boat) Jul 08 @ 1:26 PM
looks too good to eat, never seen squared sushi before.
Sushi Springroll Jul 08 @ 1:25 PM
looks so good and fresh!
Warm Goat Cheese Salad Jul 08 @ 1:24 PM
phambam you're a food guru!
Fior di Latte with mushrooms and truffle oil Jun 17 @ 1:49 PM
omg looks sooo goood! do u remember the restaurant? btw, good photography skills
Fior di Latte with mushrooms and truffle oil May 28 @ 4:42 PM
It was soo good and melts in your mouth!
Deep Fried Brie with Raspberry Sauce May 27 @ 12:43 PM
mmm kinda looks like a flower. i love sushi pizza. sushi gen has tuna pizza sushi, which is very different
Sushi Pizza May 26 @ 8:21 PM
that's true, i rarely see that on the menu! looks yummy
Green Dragon May 26 @ 8:20 PM
looks too good! gotta be the best sushi combo yet!
steamed seabass in olive black bean sauce served with tempura shrimp, salmon sushi and salad May 19 @ 12:36 PM
i loove this dish at korean restaurants!
dolsot bibimbap May 05 @ 10:48 AM
which restaurant is this from? looks sweet :)
Hot Fudge Brownie Binge May 05 @ 10:48 AM
i didn't know either! gotta try next time
Rock 'n' Roll Apr 16 @ 12:29 PM
my favourite! have not tried it at golden turtle but looks real good.
Vermicelli with grilled pork and springrolls Apr 14 @ 10:33 AM
guu is soo good! wait line is insane but definitely will remember to try this dish next time.
Sashimi Salad Apr 14 @ 10:31 AM
craving korean bbq now!
Korean BBQ Pork Belly Apr 14 @ 10:29 AM
lol... for $17.95 this dish better taste as good as it looks. Like the display.
nori wraped ahi tuna with marinated cucumber daikon salad and citrus soy glaze Apr 09 @ 5:49 PM
OMG looks so good! *drool
Foie Gras French Toast Apr 09 @ 5:44 PM
$8.50 for all that?! wow, pretty cheap!
Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box Mar 27 @ 9:29 PM
Perfect portion size for a buffet.
Salmon Sushi Pizza Mar 26 @ 10:42 PM
I looove french macaroons! definitely a great cake alternative.
Macaron Mar 26 @ 7:32 PM
I haven't seen this anywhere else. It's a little hard to pick up, but with a little patience you will definitely be satisfied once in your mouth. It's good!
Paris Roll (6pcs) Mar 24 @ 7:57 PM
Tried it for the first time and love it! Warm, crunchy and yummy all in one bite.
Godzilla Roll (8pcs) Mar 24 @ 7:55 PM
yeah, definitely looks fattening, but yet kinda appetizing at the same time if you don't think about the "belly" part lol
Braised Pork Belly Mar 24 @ 7:53 PM
@ school bakery and cafe? where's that located?
Chili poutine Mar 24 @ 7:52 PM
either way, looks good. Is it just pepperoni, cheese and mushrooms?
Thin-crust Pizza Mar 24 @ 7:48 PM
omg! looks so goood!
Chicken Breast with Seasonal Vegetables Mar 24 @ 7:47 PM © 2010

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