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TieGuanyin Tea Latte - Chatime Toronto

TieGuanyin Tea Latte - Chatime Toronto
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in picture with tapioca pearls, extra $0.50. One of Chatime's recommended drinks. Toppings for $0.50 extra: pearl, grass jelly, coconut jelly, red bean, aloe vera, coffee jelly, rainbow jelly, pudding. Ice options: non ice, less ice, normal ice, extra ice Sugar options: 0% sugar, 30% sugar, 50% sugar, 80% sugar, normal sugar, extra sugar. Regular: 4.20, large: 4.70,

Submitted by: Sarah (Phenu Staff)    Restaurant: Chatime Toronto

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1 . This milk tea is very light and not as heavy as the regular milk tea. I love this with grass jelly!
Lola  Dec 12 @ 6:08 PM