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Origin Burger

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Submitted by: buttarcup    Restaurant: Origin Restaurant

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1 . I'll take back the comment for the other burger, this burger is the ultimate burger! again, great picture, nice angle and I love how you blur the background. Amazing picture.
Kinh (Phenu Staff)  Sep 30 @ 4:12 PM
2 . is that guacamole? omg that must have tasted sooo good!
Lola  Sep 30 @ 4:22 PM
3 . I'd eat this for breakfast
Wackmodo  Oct 01 @ 7:42 PM
4 . @Kinh: good old iphone apps lol
@Lola: yup! it was!
@Wackmodo I ate it for brunch if that counts.
buttarcup  Oct 07 @ 11:59 AM
5 . craving for this right now...=p
MyaMai  Oct 18 @ 2:01 PM