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Mediterranean Zazzu (Pizza cone) - The Mad Italian

Mediterranean Zazzu (Pizza cone) - The Mad Italian
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Red peppers, mushrooms, Kalamata olives, cheese and sauce topped with Goat cheese. Available from 12pm to closing. Additional toppings $1 extra, add a side salad or soup $3.50 extra.

Submitted by: Sarah (Phenu Staff)    Restaurant: The Mad Italian

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1 . this looks really good
moomoo  Dec 13 @ 7:55 PM
2 . interesting new way of making pizza i will try this out
MikeB  Dec 16 @ 12:13 AM
3 . @moomoo & mikeb, you guys have to try it, it's amazing and you won't look at traditional pizza the same way.
sweettings  Dec 21 @ 7:55 PM
4 . How big is this thing? looks kinda small.. is it worth it for 5 bucks?
JubJub  Feb 02 @ 7:24 PM