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wow that looks really good. @ Tuna Poke Nachos
moomoo Dec 21 @ 7:41 PM
@MikeB, I tried this dish this weekend after seeing it on here. It was pretty good. Definitely a dish made to dive in with your fingers. @ Tuna Poke Nachos
Tom P Dec 20 @ 7:12 PM

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wow looks so cool like a boat man all these pizzas all kind of shapes
Sujuk Pide Dec 16 @ 12:19 AM
this is so tasty i want some right now ahh
BBQ Chicken Dec 16 @ 12:18 AM
looks good how much was it?
Oysters Dec 16 @ 12:16 AM
Jasmine and tofu together smells nice
Alluring Jasmine Tofu Dec 16 @ 12:15 AM
interesting new way of making pizza i will try this out
Mediterranean Zazzu (Pizza cone) Dec 16 @ 12:13 AM
it's once of those finger lickin good once of a kind snack dish, esp for the girls. Recommend that you should try it... I like how the sauga location made it more a lot more fresh but king st is still good
Tuna Poke Nachos Dec 16 @ 12:11 AM
my gf got this and it was perfect for her as well soft and juicy and not too much butter
Filet Mignon Dec 08 @ 3:30 PM
I had this and it was perfectly done so tender and juicy and not overly buttered much better than how i imagine bc it was so plain looking
Rib Steak Dec 08 @ 3:29 PM
I need to try this burger!
Double Crown Burger Dec 08 @ 3:10 PM
it was a good size but a bit salty for me bc of the pesto sauce
Pesto Shrimp Flatbread Dec 08 @ 3:10 PM
i love this dish but wish it could be double or triple the size
Chicken Confit Dec 08 @ 3:06 PM
this tastes refreshing perfect to take your date here and have her try it speaking from experience here
Watermelon Salad Dec 08 @ 3:06 PM
This dish is good and feels healthy plus always fills me up. The rez is quite big and nice inside, and their service is bang on. My favourite dish that I always order is their appetizer platters it has everything.
BBQ Lemongrass Chicken Vermicelli Dec 08 @ 3:01 PM
the chocolate sticky toffee pudding is what it's actually called
Campfire Smores Dec 08 @ 2:42 PM
u guys dont have the pic of the molten chocolate cake with ice cream on top but that one is always perfect to end the day with your date
Campfire Smores Dec 08 @ 2:34 PM
their pastas usually tastes really sour cuz of the pickled tomatoes but still good
Spicy Seafood Linguini Dec 08 @ 2:32 PM
this burger is good most likely bc of the sauce it has a different taste a bit sweet and spicy = most likely why my gf digs it
The Bronx Burger Dec 08 @ 2:30 PM
wabora has many sushi rolls selections and this is one of my top pick
Lobster Tempura Roll Dec 08 @ 2:26 PM
wow neat looking...
Tuna Tower Dec 08 @ 2:23 PM
this burger is one of my favourite in toronto
Turf 'N' Turf Burger Dec 08 @ 2:21 PM
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