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thanks for the info cuz from the looks of it, looks quite a lot @ Avocado Salad
Jerry Feb 10 @ 11:50 PM

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My Recent Reviews and Comments
That lobster is staring at me! lol creepy
Lobster with Linguine Feb 13 @ 6:25 PM
This is such a good looking piece of tiramisu cake!
Tiramisu Feb 13 @ 6:25 PM
that avocado looks delcious.. what is in it?
Avocado Salad Feb 13 @ 6:23 PM
That steak looks good on it own... without the sandwich part lol
Steak Sandwich Feb 13 @ 6:22 PM
This looks really healthy and delicious.
Mango Salad Bowl Feb 13 @ 6:20 PM
Most interesting presentation of chicken breast I have ever seen lol
Panko-Crusted Chicken Breast Feb 13 @ 6:10 PM
Wow this platter looks very filling! everything looks delicious and fresh.
Temaki Feb 13 @ 6:09 PM
This was literally half a head of iceberg lettuce and half an avocado with barely any dressing.
Avocado Salad Jan 26 @ 2:52 PM
The fish was okay. I did not like the squid.
Sashimi Dinner Jan 26 @ 2:51 PM
This is the neatness hotpot ever! slow to cook but fun to try.
Beef Paper Hotpot Jan 24 @ 6:49 PM
wow that looks really good.
Tuna Poke Nachos Dec 21 @ 7:41 PM
mmm the ribs here look really good. less fat lol
Kalbi Dec 21 @ 7:39 PM
This is my favourite Chinese vegetable.. so light and sweet. Its abundant during the warmer season.
Sauteed Snow Pea Leaves Dec 16 @ 6:45 PM
Oh wow.. is that lychee? thats an interesting mix.
Slice Beef & Lychee/ Black Pepper Dec 16 @ 6:05 PM
that looks so pretty.. almost don't want to eat it lol
Cozze Aromatic Dec 13 @ 8:27 PM
This is my fave dish at salad king... the pad thai comes in a close 2nd. Islamic noodles is very creamy and rich but its not heavy. I love it in the veggie option.
Thai Islamic Noodles Dec 13 @ 8:02 PM
this looks really good
Mediterranean Zazzu (Pizza cone) Dec 13 @ 7:55 PM
whoa what is this? a pizza? looks interesting
Spinach Feta Pide Dec 13 @ 7:53 PM
durian-- king of fruits. will definitely try this one out
Durian Pancake Nov 23 @ 5:01 PM
The tilapia was very moist and flaky, the vegetable side was missing a lil punch but the dish was good overall
Tilapia Nov 23 @ 4:59 PM
Ooh Origin you say? looks yum!
Fior di Latte with mushrooms and truffle oil Jul 23 @ 3:58 PM
that looks good! i love nachos yum
Wood Oven Nacho Platter Jul 23 @ 3:57 PM
This dish looks so healthy and tasty!
Grilled Ontario Asparagus Jun 27 @ 11:55 AM
I wish all these pizzas had prices because they all look so delicious. Really great variety of vegertarian pizzas!
Whole Wheat Veggie Jun 27 @ 11:54 AM
Okay, I have to go try this! I love torched butter fish and salmon. It gives it more flavour.
Japango Roll Jun 27 @ 11:53 AM
that looks good. i heard a lot about guu.. now i think i really need to go here and try this!
Kakimayo Jun 27 @ 11:49 AM © 2010

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