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Kakimayo - Guu Sakabar

Kakimayo - Guu Sakabar
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baked oyster with spinach, garlic mayo topped with cheese

Submitted by: Lacey (Phenu Staff)    Restaurant: Guu Sakabar

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1 . that looks good. i heard a lot about guu.. now i think i really need to go here and try this!
moomoo  Jun 27 @ 11:49 AM
2 . @moomoo, you have to try it! it melts in your mouth!
huongatude  Jul 08 @ 1:29 PM
3 . This is so delicious. Very buttery and creamy.
lacers  Dec 06 @ 6:21 PM
4 . I order this every time I eat at Guu. I wouldn't put any of the salt that comes with the dish on, it tastes amazing just the way it is.
sweettings  Dec 12 @ 1:13 PM
5 . I've heard a lot about guu.. is it worth it?
Lydia  Feb 03 @ 6:54 PM
6 . @lydia, i think it's worth it. great place to chill with friends over beer and some small tasters
kevapple  Mar 01 @ 12:58 PM