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Hurricane Rolls - Wabora

Hurricane Rolls - Wabora
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Crabmeat, tempura shrimp, cream cheese, avocado topped with fresh tuna, white tuna, white radish, cucumber, flying fish egg, fizzled with creamy spicy sauce...and red hot sauce

Submitted by: Mai (Phenu Staff)    Restaurant: Wabora

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1 . At Wabora, they definately love their sauces and seem to follow the doctrine more is better. If you're afraid of heat, none of the rolls that say they're spicy are actually that spicy. There's a mild heat, but it disappears quickly. Again, whatever distinctive qualities these hot sauces had, they were just muted and muddled on the plate. With so many textures and flavours at play, this dish would've benefited from a little restraint. However, with so many ingredients, the roll was extremely well
Manda  Dec 06 @ 6:00 PM