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Tuna Tower - Wabora

Tuna Tower - Wabora
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Milled tuna in a spicy marinage with crab meat, avocado salad, various flying fish eggs & a sushi rice foundation infused with creamy wasabi sauce.

Submitted by: Mai (Phenu Staff)    Restaurant: Wabora

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1 . This dish was alright. It's very tasty but a tad too mushy for my liking.
kevapple  Dec 06 @ 5:50 PM
2 . It's almost too pretty to eat, but you're going to want to knock this one down. Even though the tuna was milled, it still maintained a firm texture and the spice was spot, allowing the delicate flavour of tuna to still shine. There didn't appear to be wasabi in the rice, but it was drizzled on the plate if you wanted the extra heat. Forgo dipping this one in soy sauce. It's fresh, simple, and perfect all on its own.
Manda  Dec 06 @ 5:58 PM
3 . wow neat looking...
MikeB  Dec 08 @ 2:23 PM