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Fior di Latte with mushrooms and truffle oil

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Submitted by: phambam    Restaurant: None

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1 . omg looks sooo goood! do u remember the restaurant? btw, good photography skills
huongatude  May 28 @ 4:42 PM
2 . wow, this pic makes me hungry!
Lola  May 30 @ 5:23 PM
3 . Thanks, huongatude! Sorry - I can't seem to add the restaurant name to the photo. The restaurant is called "Origin" located on King E and Church St. It was opened by Chef Claude Aprile, the same owner as Colborne Lane
phambam  Jun 05 @ 9:21 PM
4 . phambam you're a food guru!
huongatude  Jun 17 @ 1:49 PM
5 . Ooh Origin you say? looks yum!
moomoo  Jul 23 @ 3:58 PM